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Ingredients contained in these products have a positive effect on bone - are particularly important in preventing osteoporosis
Calivita lista de productos es sólo para fines informativos! Representa los suplementos más apropiados para apoyar las funciones del cuerpo para una dolencia determinada. Ninguno de los productos o ingredientes de los productos a que se refiere el presente documento tienen la intención de diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad o condición médica. Ninguna declaración, reclamación, opinión o información relacionada con cualquier producto o ingrediente producto está destinado a ser, ni debe interpretarse como consejo médico.

Focus on: Magnesium
If we continously supply our body with calcium and magnesium, our bones remain healthy and strong.
Why do we need minerals and trace elements?
Minerals like calcium and magnesium and trace elements are vital for our health: their deficiencies may lead to functional disorders and illnesses. Unfortunately, the human body is not capable of synthetizing minerals and trace elements and our diet does not contain them in sufficient amounts. Therefore, supplementation is necessary.
In today's fast-paced world, women are experiencing more stress at every stage of their lives than ever before. Juggling job pressure, family schedules, money issues, carreer and educational advancement are only a few of the common stressors confronting women. Menopause aggravates the situation even further. Vitamin and herbs may help modern Aphrodite's respond better to stressors and their desire to live up to - inner and attainable.
There are periods in women's life when they need more nutrients than usual. Such is pregnancy. Optimal vitamin intake during pregnancy ensures that both the mother and the baby get all the nutrients they need.

CaliVita products, which contain magnesium:
Strong Bones
100 or 250 capsules - product with calcium and magnesium
Power Mins 100 tablets - complex formula of minerals and trace elements
Menopausal Formula 115 capsules - formule for menopause
New Life 120 capsules - multivitamins for pregnant and nursing women
Energy and Memory 90 tablets - multivitamin formula
Other multivitamin products: Super Mega 50, Vital family: Vital A, Vital AB, Vital B, Vital 0, Full Spectrum, Lion Kids Punch with Vitamin D

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