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D-drops liquid vitamin D


30 ml

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Ingredients/3 drops (approx.0,1 ml):

Vitamin D3

1200 I.U.


supplementing diet with vitamin D


Recommended daily dose (for adults 3 drops – 1200 IU/day)


Gotas de Vitamina D3 30 ml

La falta de la vitamina D afecta el 70% de la población según las estimaciones. El ingrediente activo de D-drops, la vitamina D3, se extrae del hígado de bacalao, y se añade sabores naturales. Su administración es sencilla, se puede consumir mezclado en bebidas, o comidas. La forma líquida puede asegurar la suplementación de la vitamina D para toda la familia.


D-drops liquid vitamin D - food supplement

From now on the preservation of your health is made easier. We present you D-drops, CaliVita®’s latest vitamin D formula. We have created D-drops so that its use could be simple and easily personalized for every member of the family. Being a liquid formula with a dropper, it is easy to dose in a personalized way, either for children or the elderly. Its taste is pleasant due to its natural citrus ingredients and at the same time it is not overly characteristic, so it can be mixed into foods and beverages. In the course of manufacturing this liquid formula we do not apply any artificial flavors, sugar, sweeteners or artificial colorants.

Not only is it easy to apply, our new product contains D3 cholecalciferol, the most active form of vitamin D, which better elevates the vitamin D levels of blood than D2 (ergocalciferol) form. The best natural source of vitamin D3 is cod liver oil, so we also included it in our formula. Moreover, the serving is also economic, as one bottle may contain as much as 300 doses.* D-drops are a well-paid investment for health preservation. Adequate vitamin D levels could decrease flu cases by 90%, so of course we could also save money spent on flu treatment. **

In view of the results of the past few years, several medical organizations, including the National Health Institute of Harvard University, support the idea of increasing the present officially recommended daily dose of vitamin D by at least 30-60%.

Its supplementation is especially important in dark, fall and winter seasons, in pregnancy, for bodies in development, following menopause, in old age as well as in the case of absorption problems and obesity.

With the help of CaliVita® you also can do something for your health in an extremely simple and effective way with natural ingredients. Take this opportunity.

* Counting with recommended daily dose (for adults 3 drops – 1200 IU/day)
Ingredients/3 drops (approx.0,1 ml):
Vitamin D3 1200 IU


  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose.

  • Store away from direct sunshine.

  • Do not apply in the case of hypocalcaemia.

  • In the case of kidney stones and sarcoidosis, consult your doctor.

  • In the case of applying any other formula containing vitamin D, consult your doctor.

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D-drops – CaliVita®’s new miracle vitamin

Very little sunlight. The sun shines mainly above the clouds. Therefore, it also doesn’t warm anything. It is cold and dark. Or is it simply winter? From October to April our skin hardly produces vitamin D. And if during months with sunshine we protect our skin properly against the much talked about skin cancer, or simply sit too much in the office, our body is not able to be supplied with adequate amounts of vitamin D.

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Vitamin D against winter depression

For a long time people believed that bad mood is due to lack of sunshine, shorter daylight periods and cold, uncomfortable weather in the Fall and Winter. Experts have also attributed a higher frequency of mental illnesses and depression to this season. However, there is a way around it! Several studies have revealed what causes this condition and achieved positive results using natural active agents such as omega-3 fatty acids. The latest results also highlight the importance of vitamin D.

Both patients diagnosed with depression as well as healthy people struggling with seasonal lethargy were found to have lower than optimal vitamin D levels.
Although it has not yet been clearly proved whether the lack of vitamin D is a cause, result or it accompanies the condition, it seems that its supplementation has a beneficial effect on our mental state.

A study conducted in 2011 showed that patients struggling with winter depression experienced significant mood improvements after receiving vitamin D.

Keep in mind that vitamin D beneficially impacts your immune system! On one hand, it intensifies our resistance against pathogens, on the other, it inhibits autoimmune inflammations. It has been observed that in the winter months autoimmune illnesses cause more difficulties then ususal; some experts assume that this is linked to the lack of vitamin D, which is common in this period.

Did you know?
Using vitamin C can also contribute to mood improvement as it can not only support our immune system but, much like vitamin D, it also plays a role in the production of dopamine, responsible for mood control.
Recent research shows that, contrary to our previous knowledge, the role of vitamin D in human body is extremely complex as it can beneficially impact not only physical but also the mental state. It is virtually liquid sunshine!

Source: Vitamin D and depressive symptoms in women during the winter: a pilot study - Shipowick CD, Moore CB, Corbett C, Bindler R., Appl Nurs Res. 2009 Aug;22(3):221-5.

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