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BioHarmonex ® CaliVita® Electronics


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BIOHARMONEX 3 (Wellness device)

¡La terapéutica de bioresonancia es accesible en casa desde ahora! El BioHarmonex® es un aparato funcionando a base de los principios de la biofísica, y se puede utilizar eficazmente para apoyar en la capacidad de adaptación de nuestro organismo, y para defenderse contra los efectos dańosos de la vida cotidiana, a los que nuestro organismo está expuesto (estrés, dańos ambientales).


BioHarmonex ® CaliVita® Electronics

BioHarmonex® is a bio-resonance device, especially developed for home use, which emits a very low intensity, pulsating electromagnetic field. The modern, aesthetic-looking, third generation device, easily useable by anyone, features twentyfive different programs to set according to your personal needs.

BioHarmonex uses the power from a small internal battery, to emit a low frequency (1 Hz to 200 KHz) electromagnetic field. The particular pattern of the electromagnetic emission varies according to one of 20 pre-set programs,. Each of these programs is designed to match the cellular electromagnetic activity related to a particular bodily function, or part of the body, which is essential for bio-resonance to occur. In effect, each program is targeting a specific physiological “window” and, in so doing, is helping to support metabolic function and performance.

The BioHarmonex is completely safe to use for all age groups, and health levels, although if you have an implanted pacemaker or other kind of electronic device, you should consult a qualified physician before using it

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BioHarmonex Program selection:

CHILD – Rapid change, growth and development means a child’s metabolism has special needs, such as tissue growth, mental capacity and reasoning power, and development of an effective immune system. Compliment this program with Infant Formula, C-Plus and Lion Kids.

IMMUNE – Bio-resonance may support the replication, differentiation, and activity of lymphocytes (ie: white blood cells) and thereby help support the overall function of the immune system. Compliment this program with  ImmunAid, Virago, Bee Power, C-1000 Plus, Noni.

FOREVER YOUNG – Intended to help support anti-oxidant activity, that, in turn, inhibits cell aging and damage. Also intended to help support immune system functioning and libido. Comliment this program with Ocean 21, Energy&Memory, Natural HGH Support, Panax Ginseng, Protect 4 Life, Mega Protect 4 Life, Vitalizer.

HORMONE – Intended to help support a harmonius and balanced endocrine system. Compliment this program with VitalMan, VitalWoman, Natural HGH Support, and Menopausal Formula.

PAIN – In response to pain, the body can utilize several natural analgesics, such as endorphins, and protease enzymes. Bio-resonance may help support receptivity to these natural analgesics.

RELAX – Intended to help counterbalance harmful stress effects, and support calmness and well-being. Compliment with Stress Management B-Complex, Mega B-Complex, and Rhodiolin.

NERVES –  Intended to support and harmonize with the central nervous system. Compliment this program with Mega-B Complex, Stress Management B-Complex, Super Soya Lecithin, Triple-Potency Lecithin, Rhodiolin, Panax Ginseng.

WEIGHT LOSS –  This program is intended to help support the process where fat is released from adipose tissue and transported to the cells to be oxidized for energy. Regular exercise and copious liquid intake also helps this process. Compliment with TrimeX WMS, Super Fat Burners, Advanced Fat Burners, Fat Absorber.

DETOX – Several organs in the body, notably the liver, kidney, spleen and intestines, help the detoxifying processes of the body by processing waste material. Bio-resonance may support the optimum functioning of these vital organs. Compliment this program with Liver Aid, Arginine Plus, Nopalin, Ocean 21, Pure Yucca, Smokerade, Liquid Chlorophyll etc.

EYE - VISION – Bio-resonance may be helpful in supporting the function and re-generation of cells related to eyesight.  Working with computers, watch TV, or wearing glasses may all be causes of undue eye strain and fatigue. Compliment with C Plus, Beta Carotene, or Lutein Plus.

CIRCULATION – The sheer amount of cellular activity in the circulation system, suggests a high level of electromagnetic communication. Thus the circulation system may be particularly amenable to the beneficial effects of bio-resonance. This program is intended to help support the function of the circulation system. Compliment with OxyMax, Super CoQ10, Rhodiolin, Cholestone, Garlic Caps, Super Soya Lecithin, Triple-Potency Lecithin, Omega 3.

RESPIRATION – Bio-resonance may help support optimum functioning of the lungs and respiratory system. Compliment with OxyMax, Smokerade, or C 1000 Plus.

DIGESTION – This program targets the electromagnetic activity of cells involved in the digestive system such as enterocytes. Compliment with Digestive Enzymes, Digest Ease, and Paraprotex.

LIVER - PANCREAS – Another program intended to help support proper digestion. The liver and pancreas produce bile and enzymes respectively, making their function vital for proper absorption of nutrients.
Compliment with Digestive Enzymes, Digest Ease, and Paraprotex.

SKIN – Intended to harmonize with the epithelial cells of the skin, the renewal of which is vital for healthy appearance and elasticity. Compliment with Aquabelle cosmetics, Vein Care, OxyMax, and Ocean 21.

URINARY – This program is intended to help support the healthy function of the kidneys and urinary tracts. Compliment with OxyMax, Virago, or, for men, Pro-State Power

BONES / SPINE – To remain healthy, bones must regenerate cells, and these cells must be able to absorb and retain vital structural minerals from our bloodstream such as calcium. Bio-resonance may help support this process. Compliment with Power Mins, Strong Bones, and Joint ProteX.

AFTER TRAINING – Intense physical training breaks down mucle fiber and depletes the body’s energy. Once the activity has stopped, the metabolism immediately sets to work to restore the energy reserves and rebuild the muscle fibers. This program is intended to harmonize with the various cells involved in this regeneration and rebuilding activity. This program can be complimented with Power Mins, OxyMax, and Energy&Memory.

MERIDIAN – According to traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is covered with an invisible network of channels, called meridians. These meridians are at different locations and depths under the skin and tend to parallel linear systems in our body such as blood vessels, skeletal muscles, and nerve channels. The meridians play a role in communication and coordination between different organs and parts of the body, and in blood and energy ciculation. When these meridians are disturbed, metabolic harmony and balance may be adversely affected. This program is intended to harmonize with the meridians and help support optimal metabolic functioning and inner harmony. Compliment with ZenThonic, Ocean 21 and Noni.

BIORHYTHM – The physical, emotional and intellectual state and capacity of every person is not constant, but subject to cyclic patterns called biological rhythms. The exact internal mechanism that causes these cycles is not known, but one factor, among many, that may account for it is the fact that 70% of our body is water. Water, of course is very sensitive and susceptible to things like electromagnetic waves, sound waves, gravity, atmospheric pressure, displacement pressure, cold, heat and light. It is known that a wide variety of factors can influence these biorhythms such as normal physiological changes in the body, the hours of daylight, major temperature and weather changes, and changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field. Shift workers and frequent travellers may be more susceptible to disruptions in biorythyms than the average person. This program is intended to harmonize with the inner rhythm of the body, and help support optimization of the current cycle. Compliment with Super Soya Lecithin, Ocean 21, and Noni.

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